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Barramundi Fishing Package
Boon Mar Ponds

Set in the beautiful lush green countryside, Boon Mar Ponds is Thailand’s no: 1 mixed-size barramundi fishing venue. The huge stocking of aggressive barramundi are spread out over 30 exclusive ponds offering the most exhilarating barramundi fishing in Thailand. Fish Thailand are experts at lure & fly fishing for barramundi at Boon Mar Ponds and our fishing package allows you to sample the greatest barramundi fishing experience of your lifetime. Full package details & price options are listed below; for detailed venue & species information see Boon Mar Ponds Fishing in Thailand.

barramundi fishing
barramundi at boon mar ponds
Sample The Magic Of Boon Mar Ponds


If You Don’t Catch - We Refund 50%

Your day will begin with the Fish Thailand Team collecting you from your Bangkok hotel in our luxury, private, air-conditioned Hilux at 8a.m.

Approximately 1hr 15mins later you will arrive at Boon Mar Ponds, where upon arrival you will be briefed about the best approach to target the barramundi and given hot fishing tips by Fish Thailand’s professional guides.

Non-fishing guests are welcome to come along and enjoy the day free of charge. The big fish action, the surroundings, the great weather, the delicious food, the charisma of the Thai guides and friendliness of the Fish Thailand Team make a memorable day also for your friends & family.

Lure & fly fishing for barramundi is an active technique as you roam on foot the vast complex of Boon Mar Ponds. Throughout the day Fish Thailand guides will be by your side, ready to give expert advice and there to glove out your prize catch.

Fish Thailand has a vast collection of all the necessary lure fishing tackle, including a selection of beautiful lure rods made by Rapala, each with a different action for different lures. These rods are designed only for the purpose of lure fishing giving the experienced angler an opportunity to use all the skills and tricks learned to make the lure come alive. Our small, robust fixed spool fishing reels are smooth and light, working in harmony with the lure rods – a perfectly balanced setup & an absolute pleasure to fish with.

Fish Thailand’s vast collection of lures will keep you busy as you try different patterns & colours to outsmart the barramundi. Fish Thailand guides will be able to recommend certain patterns and colours to suit the conditions and help you hook into that prize barra!

Our cooler is kept fully stocked with ice and water all day long for you to drink; it is not safe to be active outside in the heat without having a large supply of liquids. This is a free service and there is no limit – your comfort and safety is our priority.

At midday we all take a break and retreat to the on-site restaurant where delicious Thai cuisine is cooked for us to eat together and ‘talk fish.’ Any food from our set menu is another totally free service provided by Fish Thailand.

Pack up time is 6p.m take you back to your hotel with memories to last a lifetime.

Please Bring With You:-



In Summary Your Fishing Trip Includes:-

  • Fishing at Boon Mar Ponds – Thailand’s no:1 mixed-size barramundi fishing venue located 80 km from Bangkok

  • Transfer from your hotel to the venue and back by private air-conditioned Hilux

  • Fish Thailand Guides

  • Complete specialist lure fishing tackle & equipment – *fly fishing tackle not supplied

  • Delicious Thai cuisine and drinking water

  • Non-fishing guests welcome free of charge

  • Personal and friendly service

The pricing guide below includes all of the above services per fishing day at Boon Mar Ponds with the Fish Thailand Team.

1 Angler

2 Anglers +


Per Person



Full payment for your fishing trip will be taken upon collecting you from your hotel on the morning of the fishing date. There is no deposit necessary, all we do ask is to kindly telephone Fish Thailand from your hotel at least 1 day prior to fishing to re-confirm.

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Booking Information

Contact us if you like to discuss any details of the fishing tours with us or if you like to book with us right away. We'll contact you back immediately! For informative and detailed booking, look here.

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