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Prapradaeng Lake
Specimen Barramundi Fishing in Thailand

Prapradaeng Lake as it's name suggests is situated in the Prapradaeng region of Bangkok – only 1 hour from Bangkok's city center. This lake differs vastly in size, layout, features, stocking density & size of fish compared to that of Fish Thailand’s other barramundi fishing venue – Boon Mar Ponds.

This 16 acre 'lure only' lake is not a commercial fish farm or fishery and requires special permission from the owner to gain access; hence providing the experienced roaming lure angler with testing fishing sessions and exhilarating rod bending action.

Prapradaeng Lake near Bangkok offers huge barramundi fishing to 38lb
Lure fishing in Bangkok at Prapradaeng
Prapradaeng Lake - 16 Acres of Private Barramundi Fishing

Huge Barramundi

Of the two Fish Thailand barramundi venues – Prapradaeng Lake is the more picturesque and scenic. The size of the barramundi at Prapradaeng Lake are also much larger upto 38lb, although the light stocking of fish includes barramundi of all sizes.

Fish Thailand Guides fishing in Bangkok at Prapradaeng Lake
Specimen barramundi fishing in 16 acres of Prapradaeng Lake
Exhilarating Lure Fishing Action

Fishing Styles & Techniques

Lure & fly fishing for barramundi is a spectacular form of fishing and both of these techniques are extremely effective at Prapradaeng Lake. The lure angler is able to comfortably roam around the lake seeking likely fish holding features. For the fly angler, there is 1 long fishable bank whereby there are no obstructions to impede the back cast.

Barramundi Lure Fishing Tackle

Fish Thailand supply all of the lure fishing tackle needed, amongst our armoury you will find a variety of specialist rods made by Rapala for the specific purpose of lure casting. Our Daiwa BG fixed spool reels are loaded with 50lb braid making a perfectly balanced lure fishing setup.

As for lure selection – Fish Thailand has a vast array to choose from, of which there are a few colours and patterns which have proved more successful than others. Fish Thailand Guides will advise which lure to use according to conditions and time of day, surface poppers for example provide the most exciting hits when conditions allow.

Exclusive big barra fishing in Thailand at Prapradaeng Lake
Prapradaeng Lake home to Thailand's biggest barramundi
Fish Stocked to 38lb

Which Barramundi Venue?

Fish Thailand has 2 different barramundi fishing venues and packages – both located approximately one hour drive from the center of Bangkok.

Boon Mar Ponds is a private commercial fish farm setup comprising of many smaller ponds. The average size barramundi is 10lb but feed more readily providing some great action even for the less experienced anglers or youngsters.

Prapradaeng Lake is a much larger more established private lake, there is a lower stocking density of much larger barramundi growing to 38lb. The fishing is more challenging, less fish are caught and some experience is required.


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Contact us if you like to discuss any details of the fishing tours with us or if you like to book with us right away. We'll contact you back immediately! For informative and detailed booking, look here.

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