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Boon Mar Ponds
Barramundi Fishing in Thailand

Boon Mar Ponds without doubt offers the most prolific & exhilarating barramundi fishing in Thailand. Boon Mar Ponds is Fish Thailand’s number 1 venue for world class mixed-size barramundi fishing in Thailand.

Barramundi Fishing in Thailand

Located 80km east of Bangkok in the Bangpakong district of the Chachoengsao province; Boon Mar Ponds are set deep in the lush, green fields of Thailand’s peaceful countryside. The ponds were originally formed for the purpose of barramundi fish farming; distributing fresh, healthy farm bred barramundi across the country. Set over a vast area of land with easy access to each pond it was only a matter of time before the flat, easy-under-foot banks of Boon Mar Ponds was open for fishing with the Fish Thailand Team!

Barramundi Ponds Thailand
Barramundi fishing Thailand


If You Don’t Catch - We Refund 50%!

Boon Mar ponds consists of 30 man made ponds varying in size from 0.5 acres upto 3 acres, all of which have relatively even depths of around 2 meters each. Each pond has a n enormous stocking of the world famous, prestigious and sought after – barramundi.

However each pond fishes slightly differently from the next, varying factors which distinguish each pond other than its size are the size of the barramundi, the location of feeding fish and in turn the lure or fly patterns and sizes most appropriate.

Private Guanrantee Catch Pool

Fish Thailand has exclusive access to a private pool on the Boon Mar Complex not open to the public. This pond is kept for our client's lures only ensuring that the resident barramundi never become lure shy. Here it is normal to catch 30 barramundi per angler in a day's fishing, the sizes vary between 5lb - 15lb and the strikes are unbelievably aggressive.

Lure Fishing For Barramundi

Lure fishing and especially lure casting is an active technique that is very addictive. Roaming the banks of Boon Mar ponds locating the hideouts and territories of the barramundi is as much like hunting as it is fishing.

The Barramundi at Boon Mar Ponds provide exhilarating sport on lures. Each pond situated on this site’s complex varies in difficulty level, offering the novice and professional lure angler alike a stimulating fishing experience. Barramundi are great to catch on lures; their leaping fight is exhilarating and their strength renowned.

tail walking lure caught barramundi
Exhilarating Tail Walking Displays

Fish Thailand supplies each angler with a full armory of specialist lure fishing equipment. Our lure rods are made by Rapala for the specific purposee of working a lure into life. This coupled with braid-loaded fixed spool reels ensure every twitch, pull & jerk of the lure is felt to the extent that it prints a clear mental picture of how the lure is acting beneath the surface. Fish Thailand guides will point out the most appropriate choice of lure from our enormous collection to suit the day’s conditions.

When Will A Fish Strike A Lure?

Defensive\Territorial Strike - a lure retrieved aggressively through a barramundi’s comfort zone, will trigger a defensive\territorial strike.

Instinctive Strike - A lure invading a barramundi’s feeding zone will trigger an instinctive strike.

Feeding Strike - A lure imitating a bait fish will trigger a strike when hungry.

Opportunist Strike - A lure retrieved to imitate a wounded fish will trigger a strike even when not hungry. Law of nature seems to be that anything that looks different or acts differently is singled out and attacked first.

What Makes A Great Lure Angler?

Watercraft – being able to locate fish, to some this is instinctive and to others it comes from years of lure fishing experience.

Lure Action – to be able to make a lure act enticingly at all retrieval speeds; also to be able to convincingly make a lure act like a wounded fish when necessary.

Accuracy – predatory fish typically inhabit margins, snags or submerged vegetation; often it is vital to cast and work the lure deep in these zones without snagging up.

Retrieval Speed – knowing when to retrieve the lure quickly or slowly depending on conditions and target specie.

Depth – temperature & barometric pressure are just two of many factors which determine the feeding depth of fish. This can change several times in the same day and it is important to adjust the operating depth of the lure to suit the changing conditions.

Fly Fishing For Barramundi

Devoted fly fisherman usually have a mental list of ‘fish I must catch on the fly in my lifetime,’ and the Fish Thailand Team knows too well that barramundi is certainly on that list – if not claiming the top spot!

Boon Mar Ponds could not be any more perfect for fly fishing for barramundi – the bankside is clear of tall-growing vegetation and the tree line is set well back from the margins as not to obstruct the back-cast. A long cast is also not essential as the barramundi often favour holding up close to the margins, therefore also being the perfect place for novice fly anglers to get to grips with the fine art of fly fishing.

Fly fishing is a wonderful, elegant and highly skilful form of fishing no matter what the target specie may be. But fly fishing for barramundi has to be one of the most adrenaline rushing experiences to be had at the end of a fly rod, with the barramundi giving plenty of acrobatic aerial action. Every head shake, flip of the tail or spurt of thrust is magnified through a fly rod and into your fingers – this coupled with the spirit of fishing in Thailand makes for memories to last a lifetime.

Usually barramundi fishing can be a difficult challenge for any angler using even conventional techniques; this challenge and difficulty factor is multiplied for fly anglers. However the fly angler has no better chance than at Boon Mar Ponds with Fish Thailand guides, everything about this venue is screaming out for fly anglers to enjoy the rare opportunity of experiencing the power of catching barramundi on fly tackle.

fly fishing in Thailand for barramundi
A Fly Anglers Dream

Young Anglers

The up-and-coming younger generation of our fabulous sport also have the opportunity to practice their skills and develop new skills from the Fish Thailand Team. The ponds are relatively snag free, eliminating the frustration of continual snap-offs. Lure fishing is an exhilarating and effective technique for barramundi fishing with the bonus of limited tangles!

For the novice lure angler our private pool with a higher stocking level of smaller barramundi averaging between 5lb – 7lb is the perfect place to start. This stamp of juvenile fish are more willing to strike at lures retrieved with less precision; and while these fish provide rod bending action full of aerial displays – they don’t have the stamina to cause the novice too many problems. Fish Thailand guides typically use this private pond to help novice lure anglers develop their casting, retrieving & playing skills.

young anglers
Young Anglers Perfect Venue

Barramundi Fishing in Thailand

Barramundi fishing in Thailand is still something quite alien to the fishing world. Fishing in Thailand is famous for targeting many species of freshwater & saltwater fish; yet the barramundi fishing still seems to be undisclosed to even the most devoted barramundi hunters.

Here, the Fish Thailand Team gives all anglers of all skill levels their most certain chance to catch one of the most prestigious and sought-after fish in the world. Fish Thailand’s venue - Boon Mar Ponds – is simply the best place for barramundi fishing in Thailand.


Boon Mar Ponds Package & Prices
Boon Mar Ponds Fishing Packages & Prices
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Other Fishing Venues


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