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Night Fishing Bungsamlan
Siamese Carp Pro-Package

The Fish Thailand Team have the highest track record of providing clients with Siamese carp in 1 day sessions at Bungsamlan Lake in Bangkok. However it is not guaranteed and if the Siamese carp is your number one target specie, then Fish Thailand recommend this Siamese Carp Night Fishing Package. For full Bungsamran Lake venue details first read Bungsamran fishing Bangkok.

Siamese carp fishing bangkok
Siamese carp fishing bangkok
Siamese carp fishing bangkok
The Rewards of Night Fishing at Bungsamlan

Anglers wishing to exclusively target the Mekong giant catfish will be at no advantage by fishing Bungsamlan at night time. The day fishing is so prolific that to continue fishing for the Mekong giant catfish during the night would be exhausting to say the least – if anything the difficulty level increases as the light fade away.

However for anglers wishing to target either catfish & carp or specifically only target the carp – night fishing at Bungsamlan really comes into its own.

To target the Siamese carp day and night for the entire duration of your fishing holiday has significant advantages:

Advantages to Fishing at Night

The carp rods are in the water 24 hours a day – if the Siamese carp come into your baited area to feed – your baits will be ready whatever the time & however short the feeding spell may be.

A gradual but consistent bed of bait will build up in the swim – giving the best chance of attracting Siamese carp.

It has been proven that it is more likely that a consistent build up of bait will not only attract Siamese carp but also hold them for longer feeding spells. Also the Siamese carp will associate it with rich feeding grounds & return to feed on multiple occasions.

Siamese carp fishing at Bungsamlan is all margin fishing & of course at night time the banks are much quieter – creating a safer and more secure feeding zone for the Siamese carp.

Feeding times vary but typically two of the most productive times of day are very early morning and dusk – by fishing day and night you ensure that the ‘trap’ is always set at these peak times.

The Strategy

The best strategy is to fish the carp rods 24 hours a day – remember you are waiting a long time and 1 feeding spell is all it takes to hook a potential record carp. In the daylight hours it is a good time to fish extra rods for the catfish – with a multiple days fishing holiday it is likely that you will hook into one of Bungsamlan’s Mekong giant catfish over the 100lb mark.

Fishing Options

While the Siamese carp rods are fishing day & night, your allocated daytime Mekong catfish rods can be rigged to fish for other species. With the help of Fish Thailand Guides, you may like to livebait for Chao Phraya catfish; or scale down the tackle and target pacu & giant gourami. Any children present would love to fish for tilapia, a fish always willing to tug the float under!

Bungsamran Night Fishing Bungalow

The largest, most comfortable & modern fishing bungalow at Bungsamlan is an island to itself. With restricted access the swim it occupies is away from all of the other bungalows, walkways & access tracks – creating a totally private and exclusive fishing area.

The bungalow itself has a vast area of fishing decking allowing anglers to target catfish in the day time without creating a disturbance in the baited Siamese carp zone.

Set back from the open fishing deck, a large roof creates shade over the 2 bedrooms, dining area, coffee area & TV lounging area. With its own private shower and toilet block, washing up area and a fridge\freezer; this is Bungsamlan’s most luxurious fishing bungalow.

bungsamran night fishing bungalow
bungsamran night fishing bungalow
Luxury Night Fishing Bungalow

Fishing Guides

Fish Thailand guides will be with you 24 hours a day – the team will work shifts ensuring whatever time of day or night – they will be on stand-by should a Siamese carp grace you with a run.

Food & Drinks

With the on-site restaurant delivering delicious Thai cuisine until late at night & the convenience shop selling drinks 24 hours a day – Bungsamlan could well be the most comfortable & convenient of all night fishing in Thailand venues! If however you fancy a pizza or KFC – then we will be happy to telephone for delivery on your behalf and have it delivered to your bungalow!!

bungsamran sunset
night fishing bungsamran
bangkok fishing sunset
Sunset at Bungsamlan

In Summary Your Fishing Trip Includes:-

  • Fishing day & night at Bungsamlan - the world’s most prolific freshwater venue located in Bangkok

  • Transfer from you hotel to the lake and back by private luxury air-conditioned mini-van.

  • Carp fishing setup day & night, Mekong giant catfish setup daytime only.

  • Fish Thailand's team of guides day & night.

  • All bait, tackle & specialist big fish equipment.

  • Bungsamlan's finest luxury night fishing bungalow.

  • Non-fishing guests welcome free of charge

  • Personal and friendly service

The pricing guide below includes all of the above services at Bungsamlan with the Fish Thailand Team.




24 HR

THAI BAHT per person

36 HR

THAI BAHT per person

48 HR

THAI BAHT per person

60 HR

THAI BAHT per person





















* It is important that you book a long time in advance to avoid disappointment.


Full payment for your fishing trip will be taken upon collecting you from your hotel on the morning of the fishing date. There is no deposit necessary, all we do ask is to kindly telephone Fish Thailand from your hotel at least 1 day prior to fishing to re-confirm.

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Contact us if you like to discuss any details of the fishing tours with us or if you like to book with us right away. We'll contact you back immediately! For informative and detailed booking, look here.

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Giant Siamese Carp
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