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Catch Report
Shadow Lake Fishing Thailand

08 November 2007
Target Species:
Ram (groundbait) mix,
Anglers Names:
Guide Names:
Shadow Lake Fishing Thailand
Guide Eddy Mounce (left) &Stephen (right) - 154lb (70kg) Mekong catfish
No. Fish Caught:
Average Weight:
Biggest Fish:

154lb (70 Kg) + 80lb (36 Kg)


Shadow Lake Monster Catfish

Stephen fished the Shadow Lake Monster Mekong Package, which is geared up to only target the biggest of Mekong giant catfish. There are not many fishing lakes in Thailand that can produce fish over 100lb in a single session with such confidence.

The Baby Giant

The first run came from a healthy Mekong giant catfish which put up a good fight but only weighed approximately 80lb, however a nice start but we were after the 100lb+ fish.

The Monster

Obviously a larger fish had picked up the bait by the way the spool of 40lb mono was stripped down to a few turns. The fight was simply indescribable, imagine applying as much pressure to a rod and fish as physically possible and working that amount of force for more than 30 minutes. On a couple of occasions help was given to turn the fish from a couple of dangerous runs but other than that Stephen played the fish with great skill from the duration of the fight.

70Kg \ 154lb - Mission Accomplished

For the picture above the fish was simply 'put' onto our laps - from playing the fish, netting, lifting and manoevering we were all very tired and lifting the fish into a better pose was just impossible. Our 100lb+ catfish hunt was accomplished, giving us a 75% success rate of landing 100lb+ catfish in a single twilight package session at Shadow Lake.


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