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Extreme Fishing with Robson Green
TV Channel Five 13th April - Guided by Fish Thailand

23rd - 27th February '09 (4 days fishing)
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Robson Green
Guide Names:
Robson Green fishing in Bangkok
Robson Green Extreme Fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake
Robson Green & Eddy Mounce fishing in Bangkok
Robson takes on the Mekong catfish & striped catfish at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok
Extreme fishing with Robson Green on Bang Pakong River Thailand
Robson Green Extreme Fishing Thailand - freshwater stingray
Robson, Eddy & Que Freshwater Fishing in Thailand
Robson engaged in a 1 hour battle with a 500lb stingray
Robson Guided by Fish Thailand
Eddy Mounce & Robson Green jungle carp fishing in Thailand
Robson Green carp fishing in Thailand
Extreme Fishing Khao Laem Dam Thailand
Fish Thailand's Eddy Mounce guides Robson carp fishing into the wilderness of Khao Laem Dam - a 60km long body of water - in search of Indian carp (rohu)
Robson Green & Alley fishing IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Robson Green extreme fishing in Thailand
Robson & Alley fishing in Thailand
Fishing with blood and guts Robson hooks into Amazonian predatory fish at IT Lake Monsters. The great fishing filled with singing & laughter from Robson & Alley will keep viewers enthralled
Alley, Eddy & Robson Green fishing IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Eddy Mounce & Robson Green redtail catfish fishing in Thailand
Robson Green arapaima fishing in Thailand
Alligator Gar, Redtail Catfish, Arapaima & More
No. Days Fishing:
No. Species Caught:
Biggest Fish:
500lb freshwater stingray (estimated)

Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

English actor Robson Green (Soldier Soldier, Wire in the Blood, Rocket Man) continued the second series of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green here in Thailand guided by Eddy Mounce & his Fish Thailand Team. As funny, genuine and kind off camera as on, Robson had only four days of actual fishing time with Fish Thailand. In this time Robson catches ten species of fish from four different venues in four different provinces of Thailand. Robson's love for fishing & talented presenting will make this Extreme Fishing with Robson Green episode one of the best. Don't miss seeing Robson Green fishing with Eddie Mounce & his Fish Thailand Team on Channel Five on April 13th. Meanwhile read the 'making of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green' and get a sneak preview exclusively here.

"Fishermen are perhaps the greatest story tellers in the world. Together they represent a large container of legends, true life experiences and whopping great lies. Why? Because each fishing trip, like my journey with Eddie and Fish Thailand, each cast .... like the one's on IT Lake or Bang Pakong River or Bungsamran, and each fish caught like the Mekong Catfish or the giant stingray or my favourite the arapaima is a unique experience.

So don't tell me about the size of the fish, the hook size or the weight of the line.....tell me about the experience. Where were you Robson? I was in the most idyllic parts of Thailand. Who were you with Robson? I was with the wonderful Eddie Mounce from Ipswich! What did it feel like Robson? It felt like one of the best fishing adventures of my life where I was freed from the official version of things and taken back to the simplicity of our forefathers except the backdrop was a little better than Newcastle Upon Tyne!!"

-- Robson Green

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