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Fishing Thailand Catch Report
Fishing Holiday Day 1 - Carp Brace 203lb

Target Species:
Fish Thailand ground-bread mix - 'special' ingredients
Anglers Names:
Tim & John
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
78lb (35kg)
Biggest Fish:
108lb (49kg) \ 95lb (43kg) \ 33lb (15kg)
Siamese giant carp
giant Siamese carp
giant siamese carp

Tim - 95lb giant Siamese carp

Carp fishing in Bangkok

Carp fishing Bungsamran

giant Siamese carp bangkok
bungsamran carp
fishing thailand carp

John - 108lb Siamese giant carp

giant Siamese carp fishing Bangkok
Guided carp fishing in Bangkok

Siamese Giant Carp Fishing Thailand Holiday

Tim & John from England have fished with The Fish Thailand Team at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok so many times now that they are considered part of the furniture! They have caught countless giant Mekong catfish over 90lb with our guides and are now back for their longest session to date - a 7 day & night fishing session at Bungsamran in the new luxury bungalow. The only difference this time being their target specie - giant Siamese carp - is the worlds biggest carp that most anglers can only dream of: A dream Fish Thailand Guides make come true.

Bungsamran 7 Night Christmas Special - DAY 1

Fishing dreams are made with The Fish Team at Bungsamran - this is no secret. However to begin with 3 carp in the 1st day is unheard of considering so many anglers fail to catch 3 in a year. The heaviest two carp of the three - a brace for 203lb - may very well be a new lake record for the heaviest brace in a day - but I'm sure someone will dispute this! Nonetheless it is a new Fish Thailand record for giant Siamese carp.

2 Carp for 203lb!

5 hours after carefully choosing the swim, baiting up and laying down the 'trap' - John landed an immaculate small Siamese carp of 33lb - one of the best looking examples of this species yet. Already this is a great start to the first day of many and although it was apparent that the carp were moving in and out of our prepared swim - nobody expected what took place next.

At 17:10p.m the left hand rod bunckled over as line was stripped from the reel - resulting in a heart stopping 30 minute battle between Tim & a giant Siamese carp. Just before the light faded completely Alley had the fish in the net which we knew had to be over 40kg - our estimate was right as the scales showed 43kg (95lb). This broke the Fish Thailand previous record giant Siamese carp of 39kg. The next 5 minutes were spent carefully getting into position in the water for the photo shoot, spirits were high and quickly the rods were re-set in hope of............

A second run, this time John's turn to hit the fish which to everyone's delight was another enormous Siamese carp. By this point many spectators has seen the first fish and now the playing of this second fish - the dark night turned green from the other anglers jealousy! This time the playing did not go so smoothly as the fish cunningly snaked through a maze of submerged hazards, causing Alley to enter the water once again to free the fish from the snag. Again Alley worked his magic and the fish was still on, after an intense and heart pounding 40 minutes the carp was netted and people were taking guesses at around 50kg - the scales however tipped out at 49kg (108lb). The record was again broken - Tim held the top spot for a full 30 minutes!

To catch 2 carp weighing a total of 203lb is unheard of - let alone in 1 evening! Fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran with The Fish Thailand Team offers anglers the chance to hook some of the most incredible and gigantic freshwater fish in the world; including the worlds biggest carp.

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