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Catch Report
Latest Weekly Update

Target Species:
Ram (groundbait) mix, amino acids
Anglers Names:
Simon & Emma Clarke
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Weight:
Biggest Fish:
74lb (33.5 Kg)


Giant Siamese Carp
Carp Fishing Thailand
Simon Clarke - 74lb Giant Siamese Carp - Bungsamran Bangkok
Giant Gourami Fishing Bangkok
Mekong Giant Catfish Fishing Thailand
Emma Clarke - Giant Gourami
Simon - 54lb Mekong Giant Catfish

Giant Siamese Carp Pro-Package

Night Fishing at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok for the notorious Giant Siamese Carp; paid off for UK specimen carp hunter Simon Clarke. The biggest advantage of fishing a 24hr session or longer at Bungsamran Lake is that an accurate and effective baiting program can be executed. Added to this key advantage is that the carp rods are in place and the trap set through dusk, dawn, day & night.

Night Falls - Along With A Giant Giant Mekong Catfish

The first few hours of the 24 hour pro-carp session saw Simon warming up with some stiped catfish & Mekong catfish upto 54lb. The heavens then opened and down poured the rain, reducing visiblilty even further. It was at exactly this time that Simon struck into a monster monster Mekong catfish; which continually took back 80 yards of line on each run. Ignorance is bliss, but Fish Thailand are not ignorant when it comes to estimating sizes of fish and this one was clearly over 150lb. An estimate is all we can give as the fish found the safety of the far bank bungalows and subsequently cut Simon off.

Into Daytime & Into Siamese Carp

The morning began with us fishing extra rods for the standard size (40lb!) Mekong giant catfish - during daylight hours there is absolutely no harm done to the baited carp swim by banging out 40lb cats one after the other away from the baited carp area. Around late morning the carp rod began singing to us as Simon struck into a heavy and powerful giant Siamese carp. The classic speed and directional changing characteristics of a Siamese carp battle were all too aparent as Simon skillfully weakened the beast. A brief but intense 10 miunute battle saw smiles all round the Fish Thailand Team and from ear to ear on Simon's face as the Siamese giant carp lay in the bottom of our landing net; defeated.

Weighing, Swimming & Photo Shoots

When a fish causes our clients and team to get the scales out, get wet and play in the lake - it is only because of a special catch; at 74lb this giant Siamese carp was certainly that.

Carp Anglers Dream

Although Siamese giant carp fishing in Thailand is a notorious uncertainty - Fish Thailand have amongst the highest track records of successfully providing this wonderful fish specie of Thailand to carp enthusaists from around the globe. The launching of our night Siamese carp pro-package has increased our catch rate even further - Simon Clarke now returns to England to show the pictures of his 74lb carp to the syndicate.

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