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August Catch Report

John Wilson Fishing with Friends
John Wilson's Private Lake Garden
John Wilson Jurassic Fishing Thailand
Fishing in Thailand at Lake Garden
John Wison Fishing in Thailand
Lake Garden Chumphon
arapaima fishing John Wilson
catfish fishing with John Wilson
Fully Inclusive John Wilson fishing packages
fishing packages Thailand
arapaima Thailand
carp fishing Thailand
tambaqui fish thailand
fish thailand
Fish Thailand Holidays
John Wilson Fishing Thailand
fishing action in thailand
niger catfish thailand
arapaima fishing thailand
John Wilson Thailand Fishing Holidays
Lake Garden fishing Thailand
Fish Thailand
John Wilson arapaima fishing in Thailand
Arapaima fishing holidays Thailand
Tambaqui Fish Thailand
Jurassic Fishing Park - Specimen Carp & Arapaima
Jurassic Fishing Park Thailand
100lb carp at Jurassic Fishing Park Thailand
Jurassic Arapaima Fishing in Thailand
Best Carp Fishing in Thailand
Monster arapaima fishing thailand
Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park Thailand
Amazon Redtail Catfish Fishing in Thailand
Jurassic Carp Fishing in Thailand
Jurassic Arapaima Fishing Thailand
Jurassic Fishing Park Thailand
Carp fishing in Thailand at Jurassic
IT Lake Monsters - Mixed Amazon & Thai Predators
Thailand predator lake
pla kot kang Thailand
Fish Thailand at IT Lake Monsters
Chao Phraya Catfish fishing IT Lake Monsters
Bungsamran Lake - Carp & Catfish
Mekong catfish fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake
Siamese giant carp fishing in Bangkok

Jurassic Fishing Park

Thailand's top venue Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park has been descended upon by shoals of anglers since it opened a little over a year ago as Thailand's premier fishing resort. With carp to over 150lb and arapaima to 300lb along with the comfort of the onsite 4-star resort it's no wonder why anglers enjoy this venue so much.

As part of Paul & Luke's Thailand fishing holiday they fished various venues including Jurassic Fishing Park, IT Lake Monsters & Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok ensuring a diverse array of Thai and Amazon fish species were banked.

Bill and his son Kit along with friends Julian & Ian had a special one day trip from Bangkok to Jurassic Fishing Park. Early in the day Bill fishing only lures landed a cracking Amazon redtail catfish while his son Kit fishing baits soon after landed his personal best arapaima of around 180lb. Kit's friend Ian then landed a stunning Siamese carp to finish off the perfect day out.

IT Lake Monsters

A popular venue for mixed Thai and Amazon predator species saw many anglers gracing it's banks this month - Paul & Luke from UK on their Thailand fishing holiday enjoyed two consecutive days fishing landing an array of wonderful species.

Bungsamran Lake

The most famous of all Thailand fishing venues is Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok whereby Fish Thailand guides anglers every day of the year into arm wrenching Mekong catfish action - this month several Siamese carp were also caught while targeting the catfish.

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