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Catch Report - November 2012

Jurassic Fishing Park
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Bungsamran Lake
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Jurassic Fishing Park

Having spent the past 8 years writing catch reports of fish caught from Thailand fishing venues – we know what average numbers of fish each venue typically produces. We were therefore gladly surprised at Jurassic Fishing Park's catch statistics of the primary species. During November there were 22 arapaima captures, 480 Siamese carp landed and 150 Amazon redtail catfish graced the banks along with lower numbers of other species. Most anglers were exceding 10 carp each in a day session. One angler in particular that enjoyed the fruits of our well stocked carp fishery was Stretton Honor from England. Being a regular visitor to the Thai fishing scene Stretton has caught huge fish of varying species but nowhere before had he enjoyed such prolific numbers of carp, landing over 30 Siamese carp and catla to 55lb in a single day session which stands as our lake record at present, although catches of 20 plus carp have been common place.

Specimen hunter Andy Harman who likes to chase the biggest fish at every venue he visits had already caught a 176lb arapaima on an earlier visit to Jurassic Fishing Park. Hearing the news however that an even bigger arapaima was stocked he just had to come back to reset the lake record. The first day Andy caught two of our smaller arapaima of around 110lb and 140lb followed by our best fish of the time at around 230lb. The trouble for Andy however is that since then the arapaima are even bigger still and knowing Andy he will see that as a challenge – after all he has set lake records at several venues for one species or another.

A few days after his visit to Jurassic Fishing Park he re-visited Bungsamran Lake in attempt to catch the lake's biggest arapaima - one of the few venues where Andy does not hold the record. The result of his final Bangkok fishing effort was such big news globally that it's own report has been written for anglers to read.

Bungsamran Lake Bangkok

A whopping month for whopping Mekong catfish fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake. The majority of anglers Fish Thailand guided landed Mekong catfish over 100lb and those that did not still enjoyed plenty of action from 40lb-60lb specimens.

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