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Catch Report
An Incredible Tale of a Historic 3 Days Fishing


20th, 21st & 26th Jan '11

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Sam Wakerley
Guide Names:
World's biggest arapaima caught from Bungsamran lake in Bangkok - Thailand
Day 1 - Bungsamran Lake - Thailand's Biggest Arapaima - 400lb
Fishing in Bangkok
Day 2 - Bungsamran - 105lb Mekong catfish
Carp fishing in Thailand
Day 2 - Bungsamran - scale of a 100lb+ Siamese carp - this one got away
arapaima fishing Hua Hin
Day 3 - Hua Hin Greenfield Valley - Lake's biggest arapaima 250lb

A truly incredible 3 days fishing for Sam Wakerley, as already reported in the previous catch report, Sam landed Thailand's biggest arapaima of 400lb on day 1. What was not reported in great detail was the following 2 days fishing which produced a 105lb Mekong catfish and a lost Siamese carp of over 100lb both on day 2 at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok. The story of the lost carp is quite tragic and very unusual. As shown in the picture above all Sam came back with from the lost fish was a huge scale of the ghost that eluded capture. However the carp was not initially foul hooked as one would be forgiven for assuming looking at the photo. Infact Sam struck into a run and began to play what seemingly was not a big fish at all, just a few seconds into the first run the hook slipped from the fish's mouth as it turned and re-hooked itself for just a few seconds in the side of the carp before tearing a scale out for Sam to reel in.

A few days later Sam fished a day at Hua Hin Greenfield Valley where unbelievably he landed the biggest arapaima in the lake at 250lb, if this were not enough he then went on to catch exactly the same fish again later that same afternoon!

With all these big fish under Sam's belt - the only target fish to return for is the Siamese carp. Fish Thailand very much look forward to guiding Sam for this on his next visit - considering his track record for catching the biggest fish in any lake he fishes!

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