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Discover Fishing in Thailand
The Land of Siamese Giant Carp & Mekong Giant Catfish

For some anglers fishing in Thailand needs no introduction, they have been visiting this wonderful land for many years now; catching with relative ease the worlds biggest carp and the worlds biggest catfish. This fabulous fishing remains unknown & somewhat of a myth to the majority of anglers who have yet to discover fishing in Thailand. Below is a collage of not myths, but factual captures and events from fishing in Bangkok with The Fish Thailand Team.


Worlds biggest carp caught by a female angler 132lb
Carp fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran Lake
Fish Thailand guides handling the worlds biggest carp caught by a lady angler
132lb Siamese giant carp - world's biggest carp ever caught by a female angler

#01 - Annabel Worthington from England fished with the Fish Thailand Team for 1 day at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok. The capture of this 60kg+ (132lb) Siamese giant carp would be a significant result for any specimen hunter - but being caught by Annabel makes this the worlds biggest carp by a female angler. This is unlikely to ever be beaten.

198lb Mekong giant catfish caught in Bangkok
Fishing in Thailand for Mekong giant catfish
Fishing Bangkok for monster catfish
198lb Mekong giant catfish
110lb Mekong giant catfish
90lb Mekong giant catfish
Siamese giant carp fishing in Thailand
Worlds biggest carp fishing in Bangkok
Fishing in Bangkok Thailand for giant carp
95lb Siamese giant carp
108lb Siamese giant carp
73lb Siamese giant carp

#02 - Tim & John (above) from England had a tropical xmas fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran Lake. In 1 week they landed 9 carp to 108lb and 4 catfish over 100lb; the best being 198lb. Read xmas fishing Bangkok for full catch report & article.

Fishing Thailand at Shadow Lake for monster catfish
Worlds biggest catfish fishing in Bangkok
Shadow Lake fishing Thailand
104lb Mekong giant catfish
132lb Mekong giant catfish
93lb Mekong giant catfish

#03 - UK based angler Bren sampled fishing Bangkok at Shadow Lake for a few days, 2 out 3 monster catfish caught were over 100lb. Read our fishing Bangkok catch report for more information.

Fishing Thailand for Monster Mekong Catfish
200lb Mekong catfish from Bungsamran Lake fishing in Bangkok
Fishing Bangkok - Mekong giant catfish
At over 200lb this was a special moment for angler Robert Grey & also the Fish Thailand Team

#04 - A Honey Moon in Thailand for Robert Grey offered him the perfect opportunity to fish at the world's most prolific big fish fishery. His 1 day session fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake produced only 4 fish - but this was one of them! Read our fishing Thailand catch report for this day.

Fishing Thailand
176lb Mekong giant catfish caught fishing Thailand
Fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran Lake with the Fish Thailand Team
176lb (80kg) Mekong giant catfish caught by Patrik Jansson fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran

#05 -Patrik Jansson from Sweeden saved his last day of his annual holiday for a days fishing with the Fish Thailand Team. With over 30 fish over fourty pounds already landed before this fish struck; Patirk was exhausted but found the strenght to land all 176lb of this fish! Read our Monster fishing Thailand catch report for this event.

carp fishing in thailand
catfish fishing in Thailand at Bung Sam Ran Lake Bangkok
Fishing Thailand Bangkok
85lb Siamese giant carp
100lb Mekong giant catfish
60lb Siamese giant carp

#06 -Simon Edkins came fishing in Thailand for 4 days close to xmas time. His request was a big carp and with several carp landed to 85lb and a couple of bonus Mekong giant catfish to 100lb - his xmas wish was granted. Read the carp fishing Thailand catch report for more details about this special fishing session at Bungsamran Lake.

carp fishing Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok
Mekong giant catfish fishing in Bangkok
93lb Siamese giant carp
84lb Mekong giant catfish

#07 -Each year John Stadius books a 1 day fishing trip in Thailand with the Fish Thailand Team. The above pictures show that his latest trip produced a Siamese giant carp & a giant catfish; this kind of result can only be found fishing in Thailand. For more catch report details read fishing in Thailand.

fishing for monster mekong catfish at Shadow Lake in Bangkok
fishing for monster mekong catfish at Shadow Lake in Bangkok
fishing for monster mekong catfish at Shadow Lake in Bangkok
90lb Mekong giant catfish
154b Mekong giant catfish
132lb Mekong giant catfish

#08 -Two of Fish Thailand's Monster Mekong Twilight Package sessions was all it took to land this trio of monster catfish for Stephen. This is simply freshwater fishing at it's BIGGEST! Follow our catch report for the full write up.

The best fishing in the world
Fishing in Thailand in Bangkok
Giant Mekong Catfish
All 3 fish are between 88lb - 100lb

#09 -One definition of the perfect days fishing in Thailand is when a group of 3 Dutch fishing friends go with The Fish Thailand Team in search of giant catfish for 1 day; and each of the 3 friends lands 1 monster catfish each!

Carp fishing holidays Thailand
Carp fishing holidays Thailand
Simon Clarke (wearing shades) with his 74lb Siamese giant carp

#10 -Simon Clarke cut his Thailand holiday short to fit in a 24hr carp fishing in Bangkok session with the Fish Thailand Team at Bungsamran Lake. Our target was exactly what was caught - a giant carp. Read carp fishing holidays Thailand for the full catch report.


Fishing Thailand Target Fish Species

Mekong Giant Catfish
Chao Phraya Catfish
Striped Catfish
Bighead Carp
Giant Siamese Carp
Nile Tilapia
Giant Snakehead



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