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Freshwater Stingray Fishing Package
Bank Pakong River & Mae Klong River

Robson Green filming extreme fishing Thailand playing a freshwater stingray
As seen on TV: Robson Green guided by Fish Thailand on Extreme Fishing

The Fish Thailand Team invite you to join our quest for the largest freshwater fish on the planet - the freshwater stingray - growing in excess of 500Kg (1100lb). Full package details & price options are listed below; for detailed venue & species information see freshwater stingray fishing Thailand.

Freshwater stingray fishing in Thailand
Mae Klong River fishing in Thailand
Join Fish Thailand's Quest For The Largest Freshwater Fish on The Planet

Your day will begin with the Fish Thailand Team collecting you from your Bangkok hotel in our private, air-conditioned 4-Door Toyota Hilux Vigo.

Approximately 1hr 30mins later you will arrive at Samut Songkhram where our fishing Thailand adventures take place on the Mae Klong River. Or only 1hr drive to the Bang Pakong River.

Sponsored by Penn - Enjoy using top of the range Penn rods & reels. This is extreme freshwater fishing in Thailand and requires this heavy duty tackle to take on the freshwater stingray, Fish Thailand leave nothing to chance when fishing in Thailand for any giant fish.

Lunch is provided along with plenty of ice and drinking water on board our fishing boat; life jackets are also provided and are always kept aboard.


Successful river fishing in Thailand as opposed to stocked lake & pond fishing in Thailand relies heavily on the tide and water conditions. The Fish Thailand Team will know upto five days prior to the fishing date whether the tide and conditions are fishable and at what time of day. This will determine the hotel pick up time and the time which we fish until, hence flexibility is the key to freshwater stingray fishing. It is advised to have a secondary choice of fishing venue in mind when booking this package.


Fish Thailand's Toyota Hilux Vigo fishing transport
Fish Thailand Transport - 4 Door Toyota Hilux Vigo

Please Bring With You:-



Change of Clothes

In Summary Your Fishing Trip Includes:-

  • Fishing on the Mae Klong River at Samut Songkhram OR the Bang Pakong River at Chachoengsao – home of some of the largest freshwater stingray in the world

  • Transfer from your hotel to the venue and back by 4-door Toyota Hilux Vigo

  • At least 2 Fish Thailand Guides

  • Complete top of the range specialist big game fishing tackle & live baits

  • Packed lunch, ice & drinks

  • Strong & steady stingray boat - life jackets provided

  • Personal and friendly service

The pricing guide below includes all of the above services per fishing day at the Mae Klong River or Bang Pakong River with the Fish Thailand Team.

1 Angler

2+ Anglers


Per Person



Full payment for your fishing trip will be taken upon collecting you from your hotel on the morning of the fishing date. There is no deposit necessary, all we do ask is to kindly telephone Fish Thailand from your hotel at least 1 day prior to fishing to re-confirm.

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Booking Information

Contact us if you like to discuss any details of the fishing tours with us or if you like to book with us right away. We'll contact you back immediately! For informative and detailed booking, look here.

Target Fish Species In Mae Klong River

freshwater stingray




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