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alligator gar fishing in Thailand
John Wilson fishing
Lake Garden Chumphon Thailand
John Wilson's Jurassic Fishing Safari Thailand
John Wilson's Lake Garden private fishing in Thailand
carp fishing thailand with John Wilson
John Wilson's Lake Garden private fishing in Thailand
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John Wilson's Lake Garden private fishing in Thailand
John Wilson's Lake Garden private fishing in Thailand
John Wilson's Lake Garden private fishing in Thailand
John Wilson's Lake Garden private fishing in Thailand
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John Wilson's 'Lake Garden'

Beyond a long tree lined winding drive way, behind a grand gated entrance hides a glorious four acre lake fringed by a wall of jungle. Sculpted on the far bank stands a house of fine stature amongst a tropical garden of vivid plants, ponds and sound of running water. Bung Sawan 'Lake Garden' can only be the vision, passion and private home of one man - the legendary John Wilson MBE.

John Wison's private fishing lake thailand
John Wilson's 'Lake Garden' - on his private estate in Chumphon - Thailand
Fishing with John Wilson in Thailand


It is no secret to the angling fraternity that the UK's most loved and famed TV angling star and journalist has landed on Thai soil to enjoy retirement with his wonderful wife Jo, his treasured German Shepherd Zach and his colorful African Grey parrot Chico. Responsible for seventeen consequtive years of the greatest fishing show ever made 'Go Fishing' John leaves behind a legacy that quite simply can never be equalled. John has contributed to ninety angling books of which forty one were entirely his own. The years of work and passion that John gave to angling is still being enjoyed today by anglers, whether they realise it or not.

Regularly visiting his brother Dave in Thailand & fishing together over the past thirteen years makes John no stranger to Thailand or Thai fishing. In fact these visits resulted in John producing six angling DVD's of fishing in thailand.

Now a far cry from Norfolk where John resided at his treasured Lake House for thirty one years; throughout which he nurtured and cared for his six acres of grounds & lake set amongst dense forest. The house itself was situated lake side giving stunning views across his lake and gardens - sounds familiar? Now in Thailand John has recreated a tropical version of Lake House, this time the forest is jungle, common carp are now Siamese carp, wels catfish are now redtail catfish, pike are now arapaima and the name given to his new kingdom is 'Lake Garden.'

Lake House - Norfolk - England Lake Garden - Chumphon - Thailand
John Wilson's Lake House in Norfolk
John Wilson's Lake Garden in Thailand

Just like Lake House in Norfolk - Lake Garden expels the same magic in Thailand


Lake Garden is a mixed specimen coarse lake, responding well to classic John Wilson fishing techniques such as peacock quill float fishing beneath your rod tip or legering across to the overhanging jungle margins. The diverse stocking profile holds angling's essential ingredient of mystery as the float slides under or the tip wraps around - not knowing which of the following Amazon & Thai freshwater fish species has fallen to your bait:

  • Amazon redtail catfish
  • Pacu
  • Tambaqui
  • Siamese carp
  • Chao Phraya catfish
  • Arapaima
  • Niger catfish
  • Java barb
  • Tilapia
  • African walking catfish
  • Giant snakehead
  • Striped catfish (sawai)
  • Mekong catfish
  • Tiger redtail hybrid catfish
  • Alligator gar
Jurassic Fishing in Thailand with John Wilson
Meet with angling legend John Wilson at his own private lake

Just five swims on one bank of Lake Garden makes for comfortable and spacious fishing. Each swim has it's own unique feature to fish too, be it the marginal shelf, the overhanging far bank jungle or from a point.

Jurassic fishing in Thailand
John Wilson fishing lake Thailand
Jurassic fishing park with John Wilson
arapaima fishing with John Wilson
Fishing in Thailand at Lake Garden
Meet John Wilson fishing in Thailand


Fish Thailand's Eddie Mounce and John Wilson's friendship was born several years ago, fluctuating between fishing together in England and Thailand. Eddie then became co-creator of Thailand's mega fishery 'Jurassic Fishing Park' for which John was very fond of. Finally the wonderful surprise of John moving to Thailand inevitably lead to John's Lake Garden.

Eddie Mounce & John Wilson
Eddie Mounce & John Wilson tench fishing in Norfolk at John's private Lake House John Wilson's biggest arapaima caught fishing thailand at Jurassic fishing Park
Early morning tenching at John's Lake House - England John's PB arapaima caught at Jurassic Fishing Park - Thailand
John Wilson & Eddie Mounce fishing in Thailand John Wislon & Eddy Mounce arapaima fishing in Thailand
Enjoying some more fishing in Thailand

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