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IT Lake Monsters Ratchaburi
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Blood bait & techniques for fishing IT Lake Monsters
IT Lake Monsters Ratchaburi
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IT Lake Monsters
Predator & Arapaima Fishing Thailand

Thailand's most outstanding & prolific predator lake - known as 'IT Lake Monsters' is home to a vast diversity of predatory fish species native mostly to the Amazon and Thailand. Arapaima reach weights of over 130lb, redtail catfish in excess of 80lb, along with other prestigious and sought after species such as alligator gar, peacock bass, barramundi, pacu & many more. Come fishing in Thailand at IT Lake Monsters and catch a world of exotic fish species.

Extreme Fishing with Robson Green guided by Fish Thailand at IT Lake Monsters
As seen on TV: Robson Green guided by Fish Thailand on Extreme Fishing


Of all the predatory species in this picturesque lake, Arapaima seems to be the most desired fish of all to catch. A hooked arapaima leads to unforgettable angling moments with much of the fight taking place in the surface layers; shaking it's head vigorously in attempt to throw the hook. Short, sharp & extremely powerful kicks and thrusts violently jerk the rod, a wonderful feeling felt through the braided line. Arapaima fishing is not something usually associated with fishing Thailand, but somehow it is very fitting with the fishing in Thailand where native species such as Mekong giant catfish, freshwater stingray & Siamese giant carp all grow to hundreds of pounds in weight. Anglers fishing in Thailand are able to add yet another heavy weight fish to their list of target species in the same holiday.

132lb arapaima caught at IT Lake Monsters
From Amazon to Thailand - 132lb Arapaima


Many anglers fishing in Thailand associate snakehead fishing with lure fishing in Thailand's jungle. This form of snakehead fishing is certainly the most adventurous, surrounded by natural beauty and wilderness. Fishing Ratchaburi at IT Lake Monsters however offers some superb action from truly enormous snakehead that would take years of fishing in the wilderness to match. Instead of using the traditional lure fishing techniques for snakehead, at IT Lake Monsters the most effective fishing techniques for all the predators especially the giant snakehead is dead or live baits.

snakehead fishing IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Record Breaking 24lb (11kg) Giant Snakehead


The redtail catfish is another introduced fish specie that can be caught by fishing Ratchaburi at IT Lake Monsters in Thailand. Perhaps one of the most beautifully coloured fish specie in the lake and always willing to pick up a bunch of worms presented on the bottom or even small dead baits. It is usually the redtail catfish that is caught the most in a days fishing at this wonderful venue and on medium weight tackle they offer great sport.

Big Redtail Catfish fishing in Thailand at IT Lake Monsters Ratchaburi
Exquisite Redtail Catfish Fishing in Thailand at IT Lake Monsters


The most appealing and justifiable reason for choosing to fish at IT Lake Monsters is the diversity of Amazonian and Thai predatory fish species. Each time the bite alarms sound as a fish takes the bait, it is a lottery and any one of a huge number of different species could have the winning ticket.

exotic fish speices of thailand fishing ratchaburi at IT lake Monsters
Asian Redtail catfish fishing Thailand
It Lake Monsters - Thailand's Premier Predator Fishing Lake


Mr 'It' is the creator of this wonderful lake and all of it's stock, hence the lake's name - IT Lake Monsters. As an epic fish enthusiast, Mr.It spent much time and huge expense sourcing & stocking all of the fish now lurking in his lake. Located two hours from Bangkok in the Ratchaburi countryside, this magical predator stillwater with it's grassy bankside is one of Thailand's most pleasant lakes to go fishing; coupled with an incredible array of fish species growing to monstrous sizes.


When the lake opened for fishing for the first time, the fish had never seen a hook before; making them easy prey to all baits & lures alike. Since then the affects of little but constant angling pressure has changed the way the fish feed and consequently the rigs and baits. Lure fishing will catch fish but generally far fewer than bait fishing, it is a fact that the lure is the first predator fishing technique to become 'blown out.' A live or dead fish presented to wary predators is far more likely to result in a pick up than a lure. For this reason a day fishing with the Fish Thailand Team will entail dead & live baiting for the entire day to ensure the best results possible. The changes don't stop at changing from lure fishing to bait fishing, infact this is where they begin. As more time passes and more fish are caught on baits, fish learn how to eject the bait before the hook can be set. Resistance is the primary trigger for a predatory fish to want to eject or drop a bait. To present a bait off the bottom for instance requires a 'rig' - which by it's very definition would subsequently create unwanted resistance. These predator angling principles will never change, they are fact; the rigs, tackle, baits & techniques however are constantly updated and invented by The Fish Thailand Team to compensate. This makes the difference between fishing and catching.


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