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Top-Water Fishing Thailand

Scary Baits
Shawn Moffitt - Creator of Scary Baits


Fish Thailand first came accross 'Scary Baits' when Shawn Moffitt booked a 10 day fishing holidays in Thailand. Being primarily a great lure angler, Shawn takes great pleasure and pride in his home made lures; needless to say he bought a good selection of buzz baits along with him.


When conditions allow fishing top-water lures for barramundi, the buzz baits retrieved slowly work brilliantly and the hook hold is unbeatable.

Buzz Baits by Scary Baits
Top-Water Buzz Baits by Scary Baits


Jungle fishing in Thailand, be it at Srinakarin Dam, Khao Laem Dam or any natural and wild body of water in Thailand - the most exciting and sporting technique is top-water lure fishing. Fishing this style is known to produce many more missed strikes than hook-ups; although adding to the fishing thrill it can be very frustrating. With Scary Baits's buzz-baits, Shawn Moffitt and the Fish Thailand Team have found time and time again that these buzz baits boast a much higher hook rate with far less lost fish or missed strikes; putting more fish in the boat. Typically the favoured lures for giant snakeheads have been scum-frogs, surface frogs and surface poppers, all of which have their use in specific conditions. Buzz baits are an over-looked or not even thought of choice of lure for snakeheads, but ironically are amongst the most effective. The vibrations and water disturbance created by these buzz-baits can not be matched by any other style of top water lure, also they are very versatile and can be even retrieved through light surface weed where a popper would get snagged up.

buzz bait fishing thailand
Top Water Lure Fishing with SCARY BAITS
Buzz Baits - Killer Snakehead Top-Water Lures
Buzz Baits - Better Hook Holds - More Boated Fish


Shawn creates these deadly buzz baits along with spinner baits as a hobby, although they are easily as good quality, design and effectivness as those manufactured by the tackle giants. For more information or to order Scary Baits email Shawn Moffitt directly at

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