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Shadow Lake
Mrigal, Indian Carp, Bighead Carp, Siamese Carp, Mekong & Striped Catfish

Shadow Lake is a large, picturesque lake set amongst idyllic scenery. With mature vegetation, comfortable and easy access along the shaded fishing bank side; shadow lake is Fish Thailand's premier carp & catfish fishing venue.

Picturesque setting of Shadow Lake Bangkok
UK Carp Style Fishing in The Tropics at Shadow Lake

- Fish Thailand's Premier Carp & Catfish Venue -

Striped Catfish to 30kg - Giant Mekong Catfish to 140kg - Siamese Giant Carp to 70kg Mrigal - Indian Carp \ Rohu - Chinese Bighead Carp - Black Shark & More

Shadow Lake - 'Bor Ngao Nam'

The Thai name of this mature lake - over 20 years old is 'Bor Ngao Nam' which in English means 'Shadow Lake.'

Target Freshwater Fish Species of Thailand

Shadow Lake is home to a vast multitude of various Thailand freshwater fish species of which the following 7 fish species are the primary target of Fish Thailand.

Top 7 Target Species in Shadow Lake
Lake Record (kg)
Lake Record (lb)
Mekong giant catfish
Striped catfish
Siamese giant carp
Indian carp \ rohu
Chinese bighead carp
Black shark (carp specie)

Monster Striped Catfish

Striped catfish fishing at Shadow Lake
Record Striped Catfish Fishing Bangkok
Shadow Lake's Monster Striped Catfish

The average size striped catfish is around 30lb \14kg which is a huge size for this catfish species. Fish Thailand have regularly caught striped catfish over 44lb\20kg and the lake record stands at a whopping 55lb\25kg. With a moderate stocking level of both striped catfish & Mekong giant catfish, it is certain that either or both of these immensely strong catfish species will put in an appearance several times during a day's fishing. Equally the stocking levels of the catfish are moderate enough to give the other carp species a chance at feeding, enabling you to also enjoy some great action from some fabulous mixed bag fishing.

Shadow Lake - No: 1 for Monster Mekong Giant Catfish

Mekong Giant Catfish Fishing Shadow Lake
Monster Mekong Catfish Fishing Thailand at Shadow Lake
Shadow Lake - No:1 for 100lb+ Mekong Giant Catfish

Shadow Lake is not only fabulous for mixed bag fishing for the diverse choice of freshwater fish of Thailand; but also offers your very best chance of catching a 100lb+ Mekong giant catfish in a single session. If it is a monster catfish that you specifically want to catch then Shadow Lake is the number one choice venue. You are unlikely to catch any of the other species while fishing for the Mekong catfish; but any Mekong catfish that you hook are likely to be between 90 - 140lb!

Bighead Carp Fishing

Bighead Carp ThailandShadow Lake FishingShadow Lake Bighead Carp
Thailand's Top Bighead Carp Water

The unique morphology of the bighead carp is comparable to 'The Beast' from the famous play 'Beauty & the Beast'; as although extremely ugly in appearance, both poses something extremely beautiful. Most carp anglers will have never seen a Chinese bighead carp let alone had the pleasure of catching and admiring one first hand; at Shadow Lake it is likely that you will add this extraordinary carp to your list of conquered carp species. Techniques and baits differ greatly from the catfish fishing setup, and although not the most energetic fighter in the world of waters; the bighead carp is as qualified as the giant Siamese carp at spitting the hook at the net - or avoiding it altogether!

Mrigal & Giant Siamese Carp Fishing

Shadow Lake MrigalGiant Siamese Carp ThailandMrigal Fishing Shadow Lake Bangkok
Bangkok's Most Prolific Giant Siamese Carp & Mrigal Fishing

Many will have never heard of a mrigal, some will struggle to even pronounce it. Names & fish knowledge aside, the mrigal is very similar to the chub and a little similar to the grass carp. It's torpedo body was given to the fish originally to fight fast flowing rivers, and although not the largest fish from the carp family; pound for pound they give a tremendous fight. It is common to have to hold onto the mrigal in shallow water before releasing it to allow the fish to regain it's strength and swim away safely - a sure sign that this fish will not give up without a battle.

The giant Siamese carp is a less common catch from Shadow Lake but certainly more common than any other fishing venue in and around the Bangkok area. Without doubt Shadow Lake offers your best chance at experiencing this wonderful and extraordinary carp specie.

Livebait Fishing For Featherback

Feather Back Fishing Thailand
Featherback Fishing at Shadow Lake
Livebaiting Produces Great Results

Livebaiting at Shadow Lake is exciting, offering the chance to catch featherback, barramundi, arapaima & Chao Phraya catfish. An extra rod setup for livebaiting - along with a standard rod setup for carp & catfish species; you will have the chance of catching most freshwater fish species of Thailand at one exciting venue - a truly unbeatable introduction to fishing Thailand.

Stocking Density

Fish species & sizes are very similar to Bungsamran Lake - with Mekong catfish to 303lb\140kg, Siamese carp to 154lb\70kg. The main difference being that the stocking levels of the Mekong & striped catfish at Shadow Lake are high but not excessive. This in turn allows for greater catch rates & opportunities to successfully target the Indian carp \ Rohu, Siamese giant carp, black shark (carp specie), Chinese bighead carp & mrigal. The average size Mekong giant catfish at Shadow Lake is around 80lb - hence when fishing specifically for them; you may just have the fishing session of your lifetime!

Shadow Lake 'or' Bung Sam Lan Lake ?

The big question 'do I choose Shadow Lake or Bungsamran Lake?'

The best choice is to fish both lakes & enjoy the different species & scenery at both - each providing you with unforgettable memories of the fishing Thailand has to offer. However if you have only 1 day available then the following pointers will help you decide:

Advantages of Fishing Shadow Lake:

  • 100lb+ Mekong Giant Catfish are caught more regularly at Shadow Lake than Bungsamran. If your target is to catch a monster Mekong catfish then Shadow Lake offers by far and beyond the best opportunity in a single session.
  • Variety & Choice of species is far greater at Shadow Lake. There are higher numbers of every carp species in Shadow Lake and coupled with the lower catfish stocking levels this means that results when targeting all carp species are much better. The diversity of fish species Fish Thailand can offer our clients are far greater at Shadow Lake. If you are passionate about targeting the many carp species then shadow lake offers greater chances.
  • COST of a guided fishing trip to Shadow Lake is much less than that of Bungsamran Lake - if you are looking for the lowest cost carp & catfish fishing package in Thailand then Shadow Lake is your choice.

Advantages of Fishing Bungsamran Lake:

  • Bungsamran Lake offers luxurious fishing bungalows with electricity, running water & cushion seating. Non-fishing guests or a non-fishing wife would perhaps enjoy the fishing bungalows of Bungsamran Lake more than the shaded bank side fishing at Shadow Lake.
  • Big Carp of 70 - 200lb are caught more often at Bungsamran. Although the biggest catfish & carp in Shadow Lake are equal in size to the biggest catfish & carp at Bungsamran Lake - there are higher numbers of monster carp in Bungsamran. If you are solely seeking a carp over 70lb then Bungsamran is your choice.
  • Rod Bending action is guaranteed at Bungsamran Lake where on average we catch 20-40 Mekong catfish in a day averaging 30lb-50lb. This is hard work and rather physical as you experience the concept of pleasure\pain mixing together. At Bungsamran Lake Fish Thailand offers a money back guarantee to any angler who fails to catch a fish over 30lb. Before you decide, read all about fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran Lake.

Shadow Lake Package Options:

To make the most of your time fishing in Thailand at Shadow Lake - it is vital to understand the differences in the 2 packages we offer at this venue. For anglers wishing to fish for a variety of wonderful fish species of Thailand ranging from 8lb - 50lb then our daytime Carp & Catfish Species Hunt Package is perfect. For those wishing to target only huge fish over 100lb then our Monster Catfish Twilight Package fishing from 1p.m to midnight is the best option.

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Shadow Lake:

Daytime Species Hunt Package & Prices

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Shadow Lake:

Twilight Monster Catfish Packages & Prices

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Target Fish Species In Shadow Lake

Mekong Giant Catfish
Mekong giant catfish  
Siamese Giant Carp
Siamese giant carp
Striped Catfish
Striped catfish  
Indian Carp \ Rohu
Indian carp \ rohu
Mrigal Carp
Chinese Bighead Carp
Chinese bighead carp




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