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Monster Catfish Twilight Package
Shadow Lake Fishing Thailand

Shadow Lake Offers The Best Chance of a Catfish over 100lb

The very best chance for traveling specimen hunters to catch a fish over 100lb in a single fishing Thailand session is found at Shadow Lake. Fish Thailand's 'Monster Catfish Twilight Package' has been sculpted to specifically target only monster Mekong giant catfish by fishing a single session from 1p.m through to 10p.m. Fish Thailand's results have proven that Shadow Lake provides by far and above the best fishing in Thailand for 100lb+ Mekong giant catfish.

Shadow Lake Monster Catfish Twilight PackageShadow Lake fishing Thailand
Shadow Lake - The Best Venue for 100lb+ Mekong Catfish Fishing in Thailand

Full package details & price options are listed below; for detailed venue & species information see Shadow Lake fishing in Thailand.

This Monster Mekong Twilight Package differs from the Total Carp & Catfish Species Hunt package in many ways:

  • Firstly the monster size catfish at Shadow Lake don't come on the feed until early evening and switch off again late at night; hence for this fishing package you fish from 1p.m through to 9p.m.
  • Secondly the tackle used is ultra tough & heavy as opposed to the lighter outfits used for the daytime species hunt package.
  • Thirdly the bait used is completely different deterring smaller fish of unwanted species.
  • Finally we fish with large 'pike bung' style floats equipped with 'night lights' suspending our bait around half depth - as opposed to legering for the mixed species.

Your day will begin with the Fish Thailand Team collecting you from your Bangkok hotel at 12p.m midday.

Fish Thailand provides all of the necessary big game fishing tackle & equipment required for this fishing package.

Fish Thailand supplies all of the baits also required to target the monster Mekong giant catfish at Shadow Lake. Even more important than the bait is the consistency that it is mixed - this is the biggest single factor that makes the difference between catching and blanking.

Fish Thailand is the make-up of an elite team of Thailand fishing guides & with their guidance you stand the best chance of landing a monster catfish.

Non-fishing guests are welcome to come along and enjoy the day free of charge. The big fish action, the surroundings, the great weather, the delicious food, the charisma and friendliness of the guides make a memorable day also for your friends & family. Food & drinks can be purchased near-by at low Thai prices & delivered to you on the bank side.

Fish Thailand's Toyota Hilux Vigo fishing transport
Fish Thailand Transport - 4 Door Toyota Hilux Vigo


Please Bring With You:-

Sun block


Extra T-shirt

In Summary Your Fishing Trip Includes:-

  • Fishing at Shadow Lake

  • Return transfer from your hotel to the lake & return

  • Fish Thailand Guides

  • Complete specialist fishing tackle & equipment

  • Non-fishing guests welcome free of charge

  • Personal and friendly service

1 Angler

2 Anglers

3 Anglers
4+ Anglers



Per Person


Per Person


Per Person

Lowest Prices for 100lb+ Monster Mekong Catfish Fishing in Thailand!


Full payment for your fishing trip will be taken upon collecting you from your hotel on the morning of the fishing date. There is no deposit necessary, all we do ask is to kindly telephone Fish Thailand from your hotel at least 1 day prior to fishing to re-confirm.


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Booking Information

Contact us if you like to discuss any details of the fishing tours with us or if you like to book with us right away. We'll contact you back immediately! For informative and detailed booking, look here.

Target Fish Species In Shadow Lake

Mekong Giant Catfish
Mekong giant catfish  
Giant Siamese Carp
Giant Siamese carp
Striped Catfish
Striped catfish  
Indian carp \ rohu
Bighead Carp
Chinese bighead carp



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