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Mr. Eddie Mounce
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180 Years of United Experience Fishing Thailand

Fishing in Thailand requires unique and unorthodox techniques, the guides are as important as the fish or the venue – fishing in Thailand lakes & rivers with expert fishing guides means you will make the most of your fishing holidays. Whatever specie you target from Mekong giant catfish to barramundi – our guides have the knowledge to share with you.

Fish-Thailand Guides are extremely competent anglers who have specialised fishing in Thailand for collectively 180 years. But a team of pro-fisherman alone is not enough, the Fish Thailand Team are also professional fishing guides, being able to help & assist with rigging, baiting, hooking, playing, landing, handling & of course taking great photos.

Meet The Team

For a standard trip you will have your own private Fish Thailand driver, professional fishing guide & one assistant guide to see to your every need. Rigs, bait, playing & techniques are all demonstrated and explained – whether you are an absolute beginner or you too are a pro-angler, Fish Thailand guides will ensure you eye opening, fabulous & exhilarating fishing holidays in Thailand.

Equally they are renowned for their friendliness, humour & charisma. A fantastic days fishing full of rod bending action can be made even more memorable & pleasant by the people you share the day with – and in the case of a guided fishing trip, you will be in the company of the guides for the entire day; hence why Fish Thailand guides & staff are liked and occasionally loved by everyone they have had the pleasure of guiding.

Be Guided by Thailand's Top Anglers

Our Thai guides actually live at Bungsamran, one of our fishing Bangkok venues; ensuring they always know where the hot spots are in order to get you on the fish. Playing and landing the Mekong giant catfish at Bungsamran truly is an art, there is no room for mistakes & the guides will go to extreme measures to assist you with landing the fish of your lifetime.

Shawn Moffitt- [ USA ] - May '07
"I recently had the opportunity to spend 9 days fishing in Thailand with the Fish Thailand team and WOW what a trip.

Eddy and his team were not only the most professional and knowledgeable folks, but were tremendous to fish with and great guys to be around.

The mekong and striped catfish were unbelievable.  After 3 hours I was wondering if I could make it through the day...some how I did.  We caught so many fish, and let me say huge fish, that the trip was already worth it.

As a lure fisherman (mostly Bass) I was ready to try the barramundi.  What a beautiful fish, they hit most of the same lures as bass but are much more aggressive.  The late afternoon/early evening bite was out of this world.  They absolutely tore the top water baits up.  I honestly lost count on how many fish we caught!

We headed out to another venue for some snakehead.  The fishing was unbelievable and the area was gorgeous.  If you have fished for bass or pike in the past, you are in for a treat.  The snakehead slams a lure like you have never seen.  I have never had a fish, pound for pound, that fights or devastates a lure like a snakehead does.

After 8 days of fishing you would think we had enough, but Eddy was talking about another venue.  We just had to try it out.  It is a much more relaxed area, but the striped catfish seem to be much larger.  We caught some real nice stripers, but no Mekong catfish.

That is until the end...with Eddy's help I was able to bring in an 88lb monster.  Last fish, jumped in the van and was off to the airport.

There is no better way to end a vacation than that!!!

If you have even a half a day fishing in Bangkok check out the Fish Thailand Team.  Even better, spend a week or more having the greatest fishing tour of your life!"

Fish Thailand guides have personal best Mekong giant catfish of 220lb & giant Siamese carp of 198lb - they each have over 10 years experience fishing Bungsamran alone & a lifetime of experience fishing in Thailand at our other fishing venues.

The skill level of the guides on any fishing tour is the key to a great day and makes the difference between wasting your money and having the Thailand fishing holiday of your lifetime. With the Fish Thailand Team taking care of you - you can be assured that when one of these big Mekong giant catfish is hooked - you stand the best chance of landing the fish of your dreams.

Fish Thailand invites you to much more than just a fabulous day's fishing; it's an insight into the Thai way of life away from the beaten track. Fish-Thailand's team of guides are very passionate about giving our customers truly fabulous memories of the entire session from start to finish.

You have had a brief introduction to the Fish Thailand Team, their love for fishing in Thailand, their skills & experience, their friendliness & their professionalism. Let us make your fishing holidays the best of all Thailand fishing holidays and join the Fish Thailand Team for memories that will last forever.

Eddie Mounce - Managing Director
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Booking Information

Contact us if you like to discuss any details of the fishing tours with us or if you like to book with us right away. We'll contact you back immediately! For informative and detailed booking, look here.

Target Freshwater Fish Species of Thailand

Mekong Giant Catfish
Mekong Giant Catfish  
Chao Phraya Catfish
Chao Phraya catfish
Striped Catfish
Striped catfish  
Bighead Carp
Bighead carp
Giant Siamese Carp
Giant Siamese carp  
Nile Tilapia
Nile Talapia  
Giant Snakehead
Giant snakehead



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