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Being a key contributer to angling & fishery conservation in the United Kingdom as well as being established as the leading & most reputable fishing guides in Thailand; Eddie Mounce and his Fish Thailand Team have attracted attention from tabloids, angling journals, conservation publications, travel magazines, TV & radio in both the UK and Thailand.

The following printed media recieves articles & columns written by Eddie Mounce based on his knowledge of angling conservation, fishery management & news, angling politics, catch reports & fishing in Thailand. The following TV & radio media holds programmes, interviews & chat shows discussing Thailand fishing & travel topics.

TV Channel 5 Extreme Fishing Robson Green United Kingdom
Tabloid Evening Star United Kingdom
Tabloid Daily Times United Kingdom
Angling Tabloid Angler's Mail United Kingdom
Angling Tabloid Angling Times United Kingdom
Travel Magazine Tour Thailand Thailand
Travel Magazine Tom Yum Thailand
Travel Magazine Untamed Travel Thailand
Travel Magazine Essential Bangkok Thailand
TV The Nation Thailand
Radio Radio Suffolk United Kingdom
TV Discovery Channel Worldwide

To add every article, column, radio interview & TV show from the past 8 years would be an impossible task - below are a few interesting articles & we will soon add recent TV clips to this web page.

Pdf File Part1
Pdf File Part 2
Pdf File
Tom Yum Magazine
Angling Magazine


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