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Eddie Mounce : CV
Founder of Thailand's most Successful Guided Fishing Outfit

  Dr. Fish - Eddie Mounce
Eddie Mounce
1993 British Masters Finalist
ND in Fish Studies & Aquaculture
HND in Fishery Management
Qualified Fishery Consultant
NPTC Aquatic Pesticides Qualified
Former Angling Journalist
Former Fishery Manager at two of the UK’s Top Carp & Catfish Waters

Eddie’s fish CV speaks for itself and outlines his huge enthusiasm for fishing which began in England where he grew up. After completing school he pursued his passion for angling and interest in fish biology & sciences by extending his studies by a further 4 years between the UK’s top fishery colleges; Brooksby College & Rodbaston College. During that period and after graduating college Eddie was contracted to work at various fisheries and fish farms around the UK. Eventually becoming fishery manager of Suffolk Water Park & Bluebell Lakes – home to ‘Benson’ the UK’s record common carp.

After migrating to Thailand Eddie soon found himself knee deep in water once again, this time taking advantage of the fantastic and diverse fishing in Thailand. Over the 2 year period that Eddie was fishing Thailand he had fished with some of Thailand’s most experienced anglers, who to this day are still fishing with Eddie; but now as part of the Fish Thailand Team.

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Tom Yum Magazine
Angling Magazine

The main reasons as to why Eddie has the most efficient, friendly & experienced team of guides is due to their great friendship & trust which was established long before Fish Thailand was ever thought of. Fish Thailand is a family of like minded, passionate anglers who share the same love for fishing in Thailand. It was through his great team that he too was taught many new techniques that he had never seen or heard of before fishing Thailand. Indirectly Eddie learnt Thai language, Thai culture, Thai humour & had integrated to the extent that he would be considered as much Thai as he is English.

Eddie proved himself on the UK match scene before turning to specimen hunting & globe trotting.

The fish that instigated Eddie's pursuit of Thailand fish species and destinations; consequently leading to the founding of Fish Thailand.


John Demarest [USA]
“It is almost certain that Fish Thailand will hook you into plenty of big fish, but Eddie and his team also keep great company.  The guides were knowledgeable and above all friendly and hospitable. They were always standing by with ice cold beverages after every gruelling fight, and their friendliness and good humour eased me through those rare times when there was a lull in the action.”


The Fish Thailand Team
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Target Freshwater Fish Species of Thailand

Mekong Giant Catfish
Mekong Giant Catfish  
Chao Phraya Catfish
Chao Phraya catfish
Striped Catfish
Striped catfish  
Bighead Carp
Bighead carp
Giant Siamese Carp
Giant Siamese carp  
Nile Tilapia
Nile Talapia  
Giant Snakehead
Giant snakehead



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